Pie Is The New Cake.

It is hardly a secret that I'm a Pinterest user (and really, who isn't these days...except for those people who consistently share recipes on their Facebook wall so they can find them easily at a later time...they make a better place for that sorta thing and it is called Pinterest.) All that said, I think I'm equal parts relieved and equal parts sad that I'm not an engaged person in the era of Pinterest wedding planning.  Back when Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru-Jason and I were planning our big day, the Internet as part of everyday life was just becoming a thing.  I distinctively remember registering for a theknot.com account and being super excited.  1999 was the dark ages, I'm telling you.  Once in a while, something filters across Pinterest that is just so cute that I momentarily consider making myself a whole new board and calling it something like "If I Have A Second Wedding" and then I just don't because Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason has made it clear that having long hours of conversation about seating arrangements and flower choices is not an experience he cares to repeat.  Ever.


Interestingly enough, more and more brides-to-be have contacted PJP over the last several weeks to discuss how we can be a part of their special event.  I know, right???  It is like getting to live out my very own Pinterest dream wedding, except I'm not the bride.  Oh, and I don't get to make any decisions.  But who cares, because working with someone on their wedding is always so fun.  And in case you didn't know, pie is the new cake.  Here are a few ways that PJP can make your event swoon-worthy.  And pin-worthy.

  • Tarts.  Bite-size, ridiculously cute, and only $1 each...tarts make a great additional to a dessert table or an alternative to groom's cake.  We are working on an event now wherein two tarts - one the favorite flavor of the bride and the other of the groom - are placed into a cellophane bag and tied with ribbons in the wedding colors.  These will be the favors for each guest.  And where else can you get a $2 favor, I ask you?
  • Jelly Jars.  The options here are without limit.  We are working on one event that will feature jelly jar pies as the favor.  We have another event in the works where the vision is to provide jelly jar pies as the part of each centerpiece to offer an alternative to cake for dessert.  (No word on what happens if a guest chooses both cake and pie.  Sounds like my kind of guest).
  • Baby Pies.  We are working on a fall wedding and the bride and groom are gifting each guest with a 5 inch baby apple pie.  They met and fell in love in New York.  Get it?  The big apple?  I DIE.
  • Nine and 12 Inch pies.  Maybe cake isn't your thing, but pie is.  I say go with your gut and make the day about what you enjoy.  I would like to rewind to my bridezilla self and say springing for the open bar for a few hours probably would have been worth it (and a few less floral arrangements couldn't have hurt as well.  And letting Jeanne have her shoes dyed to match her dress was not a good choice, even by fashion standards of 14 years ago).

So to all you Pinterest wedding planning people, I envy you.  All the chandeliers in barns and charming blackboards of chalk art make me swoon a bit.  But wedding planning with you makes me happy and it leaves Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason with 100% less crying.  So if you have a bridal shower or wedding that you are working on and think we might be able able to help, email me at rebecca@pjpies.com.