The Perfect Two Bites...

I received a number of emails and texts today about how our sweet little pie box fared on the journey into the jungle of NYC.  I'm taking the liberty of speaking for the nine-inch German Chocolate when I thank each of you for your warm wishes and concern as the box navigated planes, warehouses, and box trucks.  Sadly, I must announce that our darling pie suffered some mild damage in transit, thus confirming that the primary method of sorting boxes in shipping warehouses is throwing.  And perhaps drop kicking. Charlotte reported today that the box arrived on her doorstep and overall, it looked rather promising.  Weighing in at two pounds, she proclaimed the box to be sturdy and she expected nothing but a wonderful pie vision when she cut through all the packing tape.  Sadly, it was not meant to be.  It seems the crust took some heartbreaking blows that were unrecoverable.  On the bright side, most of the broken crust was in the box and tasted great.  She concluded taste still earned a solid A+, but appearance certainly lacked something to be discovered.

So, back to square one on the shipping endeavor.  I already have some new ideas for Spencer and Kyle and the team at Worldwide Express.  I plan for sample #3 to ship out on Tuesday with a new concept in packaging.  That said, Director of Publicity and Something-Else-I-Can't-Remember Charlotte is likely overwhelmed with receiving a dubious looking German Chocolate pie once a week and we may need to switch pie types before she starts just putting "return to sender" on the box.

In other marginally interesting news, we spent most of the day baking tarts for tomorrow's KBIA event.  We are planning to take 750 tarts, given or take a few.  The awesome thing about tarts is that you can really do them in any flavor and they provide an excellent two bites of pie.  You can also enjoy them in social settings without needing a plate, fork, or a silent prayer to the heavens that you don't spill filling all over yourself.  Basically, a tart is a perfect two-bite portion of any pie you can imagine.

We make the tarts just as we would any of our pies - completely from scratch.  We don't use pre-purchased tart shells or add in any pre-mixed filings.  And when you see the tarts, the first thing that crosses your mind is that these tarts are made with a lot of patience and affection for the art of pie-baking...



So tomorrow...600 more tarts to bake.  And a party to attend.  If you are at the Premier event tomorrow night, please stop by and say hello.