Where Is The Memo?

I started my morning by sitting in my car and watching the new Little Caesars around the corner from PJP Buttonwood get a new 5 ton HVAC placed on the roof. photo-54I'm 94% certain those guys on the roof wondered why a chick in a Tahoe with a venti iced coffee was intently watching the entire "put the HVAC on the roof" process, but I wasn't about to miss the show.  If you recall, we fought (and won) an epic battle with all sorts of people who suggested we go through this very process for PJP Buttonwood.  And because I knew the projected cost in our project for HVAC upgrade was THIRTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS, I was a little curious.  For $38,000 you would think that first a red carpet is laid out and then fresh rose petals thrown down in advance of the crane, but sadly what you see in the picture is all you get. And while I'm rarely a person who goes to the mattresses over an issue, the HVAC issue was well worth it in my opinion.

What really surprised me this morning was that I didn't see the Little Caesars franchise owner supervising the project and if I paid $38,000 for something, I would have laid on that unit and kissed it before they put it on the roof to the building I don't own.  Honestly, I probably would have asked Silent Stan for rooftop visitation privileges just so I could go up and visit my $38,000 chunk of metal.  (This may only prove that the Little Caesars franchise owner may have significantly less issues that I do.  Or more money and less time.  Or all of the above).

After a brief timeout to watch the HVAC action, it was time to bake again.  People keep asking us how many pies we are baking a day and the short answer is "we don't know".  We basically bake all day, so as pies go out of the oven, more simply go in.  Here is the thing though...we are fairly convinced that the vast majority of the city gets together and all decides to call and stop by for the same flavor.  At the same time.  On Tuesday, eight out of ten customers asked for blueberry pie. Yesterday, no one wanted blueberry...they wanted strawberry rhubarb.  And here is the kicker:  is there a memo circulating through Columbia called "Go Buy A Gooseberry Pie Now"?


If you aren't familiar, gooseberries look like green grapes, except they are terribly tart.  It is a PJP initiation joke for new employees to suggest they try a fresh green grape and then we all fall on the floor laughing when the recipient is wiping their tongue off on a paper towel to get rid of the sour after eating their first gooseberry.  Suffice it today, sugar helps this fruit IMMENSELY and once you put that gooseberry and sugar mixture into PJP crust, you have quite the dessert item.

We are happy to announce that we will have a delivery of gooseberries tomorrow.  We can't get a guarantee on time, so if you've signed off on the memo and you have a thing for gooseberry...well, it looks like Saturday is your day.  And what else?  Any other old school PJP flavors you have been waiting patiently to see at PJP Buttonwood?  Leave us a comment here and we might just surprise you!