Serenity Now.

Here is one of my least favorite things in the world:  when an airplane lands and everyone immediately unbuckles and grabs all their stuff and stands in the aisle just waiting for the whomever/whatever opens the plane door to the jetway.  It is crowded, hot, and ripe with anticipation FOR EVERYONE JUST TO HURRY UP. tumblr_lm2pxb5KA81qk8xguo1_500

And today, PJP ownership feels a bit like standing in a crowded aisle with a rolling suitcase, waiting for everyone else to move it along.  I have given up on my dreams for a personal assistant and would rather pay someone to just trail behind me and whisper "SERENITY NOW."

Here is where we stand right now - all of the work at PJP Buttonwood is coming to a thunderous close today.  We will party tomorrow night.  The fire department, the health department, and the city building inspector ALL have to sign off on our occupancy before we can open.  Their visits are planned for Monday.  If all goes according to plan, we are on target for a Wednesday opening.  The last few days have been uhhh...trying, to say the least.  Here is the best way I can break it down for you:

Number of times we've doubted ourselves:  412

Number of times we couldn't hear each other over the sound of drilling:  11

Number of times I've cried:  five

Number of times Jeanne has cried:  three (she holds up better under pressure)

Number of times Contractor Glenn asked if I needed a margarita:  four

Number of times someone asked me to make a "corporate decision":  one (bucket list!)

Number of times we were thankful for Wayne and Susan from HBI: 1,391

Number of times I wished Susan would just come home with me and just run my life: eight-ish

Number of times the electrician probably cursed taking us on as a client:  I would guess 15

Number of times I faked knowing what I was talking about: 4,205

Number of times someone called and asked me if PJP was open yet:  41 (not including voicemails...I am the WORST VOICEMAIL CHECKER EVER.  Never leave a voicemail if you want a response...a carrier pigeon would be a more effective means of contacting me).

Number of times I just wanted to lay on the floor and have no one ask me for an opinion:  23

Number of times I was shouty: Uhhh...A LOT

Number of times I was stabby:  More than I care to admit

Number of times I had to be reminded I couldn't run PJP from the State Women's Prison:  2

Number of times Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason insisted slicing pecan pie for the party swag wasn't in his job description:  813

Number of times we were thrilled to see a party RSVP come through:  301

Number of times we looked into PJP Buttonwood and felt like all the work was worth it:  68

Number of hours until our party:  30

Number of times we have been thankful for our customers, blog readers, Facebook and Twitter friends, and everyone who cared enough to wish us the best over the last months: 1,525,052