I Told You So...

Well, I hate to break it to Jeanne via the Interwebs, but... shirt2


Do we think she would like this as a Valentine's Day gift?  The responses on Facebook, Twitter, blog comments, emails, and texts were overwhelmingly in support of whipping cream.  When I told Jeanne that news this morning, she legitimately said to me "Are you sure??"  Uh, yes, I'm sure.  So Jeanne, here is your official blog statement:  People love the whipping cream.  (Your shirt should arrive on Thursday.)

I mentioned on Facebook this afternoon that Chief Brand Officer Sherry (aka Queen of All-Things-Laminated Sherry) was stressing over what font to use for the notes that go on the Valentine delivery gifts for Friday.  If you were considering ordering, but worried we would choose Comic Sans and that made you hesitate, well you are good to go...she has chosen Bradley Hand ITC.  The ordering system closes tomorrow night, so don't delay.

Reasons To Order A Valentine Pie

  1. Pretty much everyone likes pie.  If not, they probably don't really like anything.
  2. The pie will be fresh.  Not wilted, droopy, or half-dead.
  3. This is the first time we've offered this, so there is the whole unique factor and the ladies love unique.
  4. Men don't like flowers or being embarrassed at work.  They are, though, totally fine with pie.
  5. If you send chocolates, there is pressure on the recipient to share with others.  A personal 5 inch baby pie pretty much says "I'm not sharing.  Get your own."