Jeanne Rules

We were happy to return to some semblance of a routine today and jump back into our baking schedule.  While I worked steadily on a complete re-stock of Lucky's for in the morning, Jeanne worked with our pecan tart order for Friday.  We've purchased several different tart pans and we wanted to test which pan worked the best and prepare ourselves for any sort of new issues we hadn't anticipated, like getting the dough in the tart pan and getting the tarts out without incident.  (If you are thinking now that we should have probably tested all that out before taking an order for 120 tarts on Friday, you would probably be right.  We put the "pro" in procrastination and aren't afraid to admit it.) Every person involved in PJP V. 2.0 has their role.  Envisioning a tart and making it happen? Totally Jeanne's kingdom to rule.  Give her some supplies and a bit of uninterrupted time and you get this:

pecan tart


The tart size that seems to work the best are two inches in diameter across the top and one and one-fourth inch in diameter across the bottom.  So cute!  These make the perfect pie bite and we can't wait to make the full batch on Friday morning and see them packaged for the client's event on Friday evening.

After she made a few test tarts, Jeanne worked a bit on one of the pies available for Valentine Day's delivery next week.  Beyond our standard German Chocolate and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan, we decided to introduce a new offering that Jeanne dreamed up.  It is a white chocolate strawberry with a chocolate shortbread dough.  It is pretty much to die for.  Here is a quick pic of a sample baby pie she created today...

vday pie


A chocolate shortbread crust is something completely new to PJP and it is so good...we can't wait for you to try it!  We will be sampling this pie on Saturday at Lucky's from 11-2 as part of our Valentine's Day delivery package promotion.  Imagine this baby pie nestled in a box of red shred paper and delivered to the door of someone you adore!



Order yours today at  Make all the people in your life feel like this...

Fallon excited