You Are Going To Love This...

Look, let's be honest...Valentine’s Day is a stressful holiday.  Have you ever been to a local grocery store on Valentine’s Day morning?  Men canvas the store for the very last of the overpriced and wilting roses and whatever Hallmark cards might be left.  And even worse, check out that same store at 5 pm that night…there are nothing left but carnations and freshly stocked Easter greetings. And what about women trying to buy gifts?  Trying to buy a Valentine for the man in your life simply isn’t easy…not many appreciate flowers delivered to the workplace and rare is a man who wells up with tears after reading your carefully selected card that you purchased over a month ago with him in mind.

And what about your kids and your friends and others in your life who deserve a little something special on the official day of love, but you can’t bring yourself to purchase a teddy bear inside a balloon or a box of chocolates that could be 90% those weird orange cream chocolates and 10% the good double chocolates?

Basically, you can relax.  We have solved all of your Valentine's Day anxiety.

We will be baking our traditional five inch personal baby pies (choose from German Chocolate, Chocolate Bourbon, and/or White Chocolate Strawberry).  We plan to nestle each baby pie into an adorable Kraft box with lots of red crinkle cut shred paper.  Then we will tie it all up with a spectacular ribbon and include your personal message on a lovely handwritten card.  You’ll order one for all the loves (and likes) in your life.  We will deliver it on Valentine’s Day to your people and it will be BEAUTIFUL.  Thoughtful enough for a woman, masculine enough for the manliest man, benign enough for your friends, teachers, kids, and neighbors.  It is a Valentine that is for the person you love the very most…to the person you like marginally.  No decisions about whether you like them enough for red roses or just pink roses…no worries about whether choosing tulips sends the wrong message.  Everyone loves pie.  It is really that simple.

So, here is the link to order:

A few notes:

  • Delivery is limited to City of Columbia only;
  • Columbia Public Schools does not allow the delivery of gift items to schools for students (teachers are just fine), so no deliveries for students (sorry...their rule, not ours);
  • Delivery is for Friday, February 14th ONLY; all orders must be placed by February 12th;
  • There MUST be someone at the location to accept the delivery...pies won't be left on doorsteps;
  • Delivery will occur between 9 am and 4 pm...if you have special instructions about time, please leave those in the "notes to seller" when you check out.

So get to it!  Order now.  (But probably still go ahead and buy the Hallmark card because women always like a thoughtful card.  And a pie.)