Statistically Speaking...

So I normally don't blog on Saturdays, but after our day of sampling and baking, I am honestly worried that if I don't do something else with my hands besides hold a rolling pin, they will be clutched and frozen into a claw-type position for the rest of my days on earth. Here is a breakdown of our last 36 hours:

Pies baked: 103

Pies taken to Lucky's today: 55

Pies going tomorrow: 31

Pies baked for samples: 17 (shared between today's sampling session and tomorrow's)

Samples served today at Lucky's: 750(ish)

Samples to be served tomorrow:  Until we run out of little spoons and little cups or someone objects to eating off a napkin with toothpick

Number of glasses of wine we had between 11 and 2:30:  Two each...a grocery store with a wine bar is a grocery store after our own hearts

Percentage of samplers who had heard of PJP before today: 60%(ish)

Number who asked if were a frozen food company out of New York: One (hint: we aren't)

Autographs Given: One...these fine people asked Jeanne to sign their pie box:



Pounds of butter used in the last two days:  1,824,001(ish)

Number of times people mistook us for store employees to ask where random items were located:  Four.

Times I knew the answer because I go there every day to deliver pie: Two.

Sample most requested: German Chocolate (and yep, we will have some tomorrow as well!)

Sample that most surprised people:  Strawberry Rhubarb.  Rhubarb gets a bad rap because it looks weird...vastly more people who try it like it than don't.  Or the are good at lying to us.

Hopes that we have that lots of you will come see us tomorrow from 11-3:  All the hope.