I Love You, War Horse

We've had our lease on the Buttonwood space for about two weeks and when I stopped by the other day, I made a pleasant discovery - Silent Stan has cleared out all his boxes in storage in that space and removed the black paper covering the windows.  Here is how it looked before... PJP


And now...


Big difference, right?  Here is the view from the very back of the space, looking through the front windows:

The natural light is great and an unexpected surprise.  We definitely need some industrial (not fluorescent) lighting over our work space, but we haven't spent a lot of time thinking about the lighting in the front section of the store, especially over the front counter.  Until this...I am so very in love with this...

front lights


I don't even have words for this...pipes? wiring?  Yes, please.  Sadly, it is one of those things on Pinterest that you click and it just takes you nowhere...just to the picture that someone has uploaded.  How is that?  Does this fixture exist somewhere and do they deliver via UPS?  I'm a major fan of whomever made this and I wish they would text me or email me.  I know NOTHING about electricity or wiring, but I'm not above Google and purchasing How-To books...that is how much I love this fixture.

While I've got my pipes all laid out, I also thing that we should make up some of these for our storage:

PJP shelving

Believe it or not, this shelving actually comes from a DIY blog (http://akeenlife.com/2012/11/13/diy-rustic-shelf-building/) with full instructions and trust me, I AM COMPELLED.  It doesn't look terribly difficult, or at least anything that hard liquor and a hammer can't solve.  And several of these lined down the wall to hold containers of flour, sugar, brown sugar, and chocolate chips would be an Industrial Chic love come true.

Finally - one last picture...I have no idea why I love this or why I couldn't help but put it on the PJP page on Pinterest, but I'm seriously crushing on it.

penny horse

It is quirky and hard to explain and unique...which is probably the PJP unofficial motto.  It is actually from an artist named Rachel Denny and is called "War Horse" - no pricing information is available and it says it is "private collection", so I'm guessing that someone with a lot more cash than pennies is staring lovingly at War Horse tonight.  Looking at War Horse sent me down the Internet rabbit hole of looking at all sorts of things made out of pennies...floors, walls, large cardboard letters.  I'm a little afraid of my own creative mind at this point.

If anyone out there has an abnormal supply of plumbing pipes and/or knows how to get pennies to adhere to large paper mache horse heads, well then, let's talk.