We Don't Make Donuts

Today I ate a lot of sushi, drank some fine wine from West Winery, went to Lucky's twice, and baked a lot of pie.  And if you are a regular follower of the blog, you recognize that this sounds pretty much just like what I did yesterday.  BECAUSE IT IS.  I really can't seem to break the cycle of analyzing inventory, rolling a lot of dough, and washing SO MANY dishes.  It is like "Groundhog Day" gone really wrong...(minus the driving on the train tracks, learning to play piano, robbing a bank, and stepping in a ginormous pot hole). Bill-Murray-Groundhog-day-waking-up


By 9:30 this morning, I had stocked up our table at Lucky's, stopped by Starbucks, and ventured into Staples for some new labels to print our ingredient list for our boxes.   A few short hours later, my neuroses drove me back to the bakery section at Lucky's to surreptitiously analyze our inventory.  (Note to self:  see if there is an app that texts you when inventory is low and if not, develop one).

At first glance, I couldn't even find our pies.  And then with the help of Bill from Lucky's (no clue on his title, but he appears official), I saw the pies had been relocated to prime real estate on a table at the entry of the bakery, near the registers.  If Lucky's were California, we would seriously be located beach-front in the million(s) dollar mansion.

And then I noticed there weren't many pies left...

Bill had a number of thoughts...mostly in the category of "stock more pie" and "we can meet at 4:30 am for drop off".  I stopped processing his comments at the whole 4:30 am thing because while I know he meant well, he apparently confused us with the "time to make the donut" guy.  Many things are uncertain in the PJP V 2.0 journey...except the certainty that we won't deliver at 4:30 am.  It mainly won't happen because I can't safely hot roll my hair until I've had a least one cup of coffee and so that means we will see you around 8 am most days, Bill.

We have baked enough pies to restock first thing in the morning (well first thing to normal non 4:30 am people).  Lucky's expects a really busy opening weekend and we want to be ready.  Any requests for a type of pie you would like to see on our million dollar real estate location? Leave a comment or email me at rebecca@pjpies.com.