Our Lucky Day

For the past month or so, we've been embroiled in a very intense discussion with various people about whether or not the leased space needs a bigger HVAC system.  If you recall, the space currently has a three-ton unit on the roof.  Somewhere along the way, someone became convinced that the space should have a 5-ton unit.  (Hint:  the someone wasn't me or Jeanne.) We've basically been waiting around since the week before Christmas for Timberlake Engineering to tell us their professional opinion on whether the current 3-ton HVAC is sufficient to our needs.  And while that sounds rather lame, you wouldn't believe how much is involved in changing from a three-ton unit to a five-ton unit.  It involves a crane and thousands of dollars and mechanical drawings and time...all things we weren't interested in procuring/spending/paying for/wasting.  Before we could work on the lease, we had to know if we needed the unit or not.  And if we did, would Silent Stan pay for it? (approximate cost = $12,000).  (The short answer is no.  No, Silent Stan does not pay for that sort of thing).

In interest of getting the lease moving forward, we decided to worry about the HVAC thing later (just call me Scarlet O'Hara).  So today when I saw an email from Mark Timberlake in my inbox, my stomach clenched up and my blood pressure bottomed out.  Low and behold when I opened it up, it was a short and statement that said this:

"Hi Rebecca, I'm not sure if anyone ever followed up with you on this but we are confirming the existing HVAC unit is sufficient."



BEST. NEWS. EVER.  If I'm ever going to be involved in a project that requires a crane, it has to be something more interesting than changing HVAC systems from three-ton to five-ton. Especially a HVAC system that we will be paying for, yet will have no ownership interest in once our lease is over.

What else did we do today besides HVAC systems?  Worked on our Lucky's deal.  We will be sampling pies in the new Lucky's store next Wednesday, January 15th from 11 am to 3 pm (and again on Saturday the 25th from 11 to 3).  We are excited!  And since we figured we should worry about logistics now rather than later, we researched sample cups and taster spoons.  You would be STUNNED at how many options exist in the sample cup market.  Plastic or paper?  Clear or white or black?  3 ounce or 4 ounce or 5 ounce?  Is 500 enough or do we need more?  Sheesh.  I'm normally a decisive person who moves pretty quickly when I know what I want, but webstaurantstore.com overloaded my senses.

Let's please not talk about the spoon options.  Mind.  Blown.