No News.

So. Do you want to know how much a set of drawings by a mechanical engineer costs?  $2,000.

The City of Columbia requires a full set of mechanical drawings for our space...those drawings will reflect the electrical and HVAC needs of the space.  In good news, the engineer does think the HVAC system at the current spot is sufficient for what we need, but I have not received official confirmation of that news yet.  Whether the HVAC is good or not, someone has to pay the $2,000 for the drawings and then the city needs the drawings for a few weeks and then we can get permits issued.




Have you noticed all the Zaxby's Chicken restaurants being built in Columbia?  I've watched the one on South Providence being built from the ground up...they started about two weeks before we viewed the Buttonwood location and THEY ARE OPENING THIS WEEKEND.  So, apparently, you can build an entire building from scratch faster than you can outfit 1,000 square feet for a small bakery?  I don't even understand.  Is it because it is new construction?  Is it because whomever is behind that project doesn't balk at spending thousands on various projects?  I'm not sure.

Here is what I am sure of...I get at least 10 calls a day from people asking for our hours. Having to explain that we don't actually have a location yet is ridiculous.  I also know that we owe 100 pies to Lucky's on January 15th and while I love the Elks, I don't love the Elks for 100 pies worth a week until we have a home.

And I think we are sure of this...if we don't get some substantial progress from Silent Stan by Christmas Eve, then it is time to start looking elsewhere for the right space.  The thought exhausts me because Buttonwood works for our needs, is the right size, and is the right price.  That said, we looked at that spot in late September while wearing shorts and flip flops and we still don't have a lease and we needed snow boots this week.

So, if we have to look elsewhere, then where?  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  Here are our criteria:

  • Southwest Columbia
  • Won't require us to mortgage our houses or sell our blood plasma to pay the rent
  • Was not previously some sort of other place before (I know the Taco Bueno is a great location, but no matter what you sell out of it, it will just be a "used to be Taco Bueno" vibe unless you drop a million on renovations)
  • Not attached to gas station.  So unappealing.
  • Not new construction unless you are some sort of benefactor willing to front the cash and expect no return payment for the next 5 years.  If you are that sort of benefactor, we should talk.

Thoughts?  Comment please.