All I Want For Christmas...

All I want for Christmas is A LEASE.  A one-page, printed-on-your-standard-ink-jet-printer, sign on the dotted line lease.  A we sign it, Silent Stan will sign it, we-will-pop-open-some-champagne-with-Mel lease.  A yeah-we-can-do-that-and-you-can-open-ASAP lease.  At this point, I don't care if we write it in crayon and put smiley faces next to our names. Here is the latest:  we have a problem with HVAC tonnage.  I'll attempt to explain this in the easiest terms - the HVAC unit isn't big enough/high-capacity enough for what we will need (so says the City of Columbia - I bet you $5 it would be totally fine).  This means we need a new one or an upgrade to the current one and maybe more support to the ceiling or fahsdfheasedfhadfkaglajgra.....

Sorry.  I just dozed off from boredom surrounding the HVAC discussion.  I'll just finish by saying that we need mechanical drawings that take two weeks and are talking about an additional $3,000-$5,000 IF we can do "something" (sorry, I don't know what) with the existing unit.


If you visit this blog for business advice (bwahahahahahaha!), here is what I know about commercial leasing:

  1. It is expensive
  2. It involves 3,219 people, all of whom have opinions and want checks written to them
  3. It takes forever

On the upside, I'm now a walking Wikipedia entry about HVAC systems (meaning, I know a lot but no guarantees on any of it being correct).  Alas, with every bump in the road to Commercial Lease City, we have to be closer to our final goal, right?

I'm off to buy a new box of 64 crayons so I'll be all prepped and ready to go if someone ever gives me a lease.

PS - if you haven't ordered your holiday pies yet, log in and get it done!  Pick-up is available Monday or Tuesday at the Elks Lodge.  Order here: