I'll Sorta Miss The Elks...

This time last week, I had zero to little knowledge of the Elks Lodge.  I wasn't sure what the Elks did or how you became an Elk.  After the past few days, I've learned that the Elks are a) super nice, b) super helpful, c) have a super happening bar that is open in the afternoon and evening, and d) you have to be an Elk to purchase a drink in that happening bar, despite how desperate you appear or how covered in flour you might be.  Ahem. Three days of hanging exclusively at 4747 E. Elk Park Drive netted us a whole lot of pies and a whole lot of happy customers today.  It was so fun to hand out all our pies and to meet so many customers who we've come to know through Facebook and Kickstarter.  After a few long days of baking, boxing, labeling, we were happy to have a successful first venture into holiday baking.  The unknowns of a temporary location and our social media reliant ordering system brought challenges, but we think overall that it all worked exceptionally well.

Here are our the top 5 questions we received today:

  1. Q:  When and where will your new location be?  A:  For all of our new readers, we are planning to open at 3601 Buttonwood Drive.  That is at Buttonwood and Nifong and behind Sonic...on the flip side of JoAnn's Fabrics.  We are still working on lease negotiations but everything continues to look positive.
  2. Q:  Will you be in your location by Christmas?  A.  If the entire world would yield to my desires and demands, then yes, we will be there by Christmas.  But since experience has shown me that I don't always get my way, then my answer is "I HOPE SO."  If not, then maybe we will head back to the Elks.  But I might see about joining if that happens so I can have the special access key card to their happening nightspot.
  3. Q:  Did you all make all these pies?  A. YES.  Every single one.  Yesterday.  True story.
  4. Q:  What was the top selling Thanksgiving pie?  A.  Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.
  5. Q:  Will we be eating pie on Thanksgiving?  A.  Doubtful.  We didn't have any left!  We will probably be having chocolate rolls, which is rolled out pie crust, sprinkled with cocoa and sugar and then dotted with butter, rolled up and baked.  It is basically a pie, but rolled up instead of in a round pie dish.  If it sounds ugly, that is because it is.  The taste though?  LOVE.  We are working on a way to bring these to PJP V 2.0 when we are finally open.

Again, thanks to everyone who ordered and picked up today.  We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!