30 Dozen Eggs

Have you ever purchased 30 dozen eggs at one time?  Me either...until yesterday.  Because our food broker couldn't deliver to our temporary Elks location (it is a long and boring story), we found ourselves at Sam's with a flatbed cart, 30 dozen eggs, pounds of butter, an embarrassing amount of flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and one really big bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon.  You know a really bad time to drive a flatbed cart through Sam's with all that stuff?  The Saturday before Thanksgiving.  We got a few curious glances (that could have just been our driving skills) and a few questions about what the heck we were doing.  When we finally made our way to the checkout, the guy in front of us was buying 40 turkeys, so he officially won the "strange Sam's shopper" award and spared us any sort of humiliation. Today we made pie dough.  Oh, so much dough.  So, so, so, so much dough.  After we made all that dough, we rolled all that dough.  Two rolling pins and two work tables and approximately one billion pie tins to fill.  It took about as long as you would expect: forever.  That said, getting all the dough rolled and ready to flute was a huge part of our prep work.

The order system is still up as I type this.  We got quite a few orders today and we worried that if we shut it down, then someone wouldn't get their order in and we would end up feeling guilty (we should probably visit Dr. Phil to discuss this issue).  So tomorrow morning, we will do our final count and begin to prepare our baking schedule.  We will prep all of our dry filling bags and flute A LOT of pies.  By tomorrow night, we should be 100% ready to go and be able to blaze into our kitchen Tuesday morning READY TO BAKE.

Up early on Wednesday morning, we plan to assemble boxes and fill boxes and label boxes (and honestly, I bet you $5 we are still baking at sun up on Wednesday). I do have some exciting news - Shortwave Coffee has graciously offered to be at the Elks Lodge with us and serve up coffee and have their roasted coffee available for sell.  (I'm going to need a double mocha by the time you see us, Shortwave.  With whip.).  We are super excited because a) the smell of coffee and fresh pie is AWESOME and b) we will need caffeine, so much caffeine.  (On second thought, maybe I should email Shortwave back and ask if they could also come by on Tuesday night with the double mochas).

All that said, as tired as we thought we would be, we are really just super excited for this week.  And the mochas.