Ready, Set, Order...for Thanksgiving!

Ok, the day is here.  The day that you can FINALLY order a Peggy Jean's pie for Thanksgiving!

We are so darn excited!  Thank you to EVERYONE who has been a part of getting us here...when this all started to develop in September, I really wondered if we would be able to pull of Thanksgiving pies, so this is an extra special holiday event for us and we can't wait!

Ok, here are the details:

1)  After you read these details, I'm going to give you an Internet link to order your pies.  It will be the last item listed here.  Read the details first.  The Internet link is the ONLY WAY you can order.  If you have no Internet, please post a comment to this blog with your phone number and we will work something out.  On second thought, if you don't have Internet, how are you reading this, anyway?

2)  We are only able to offer:  Pumpkin, French Silk, Pecan, and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.

3)  Please don't be disappointed...the limited kitchen space and the temporary location makes anything else impractical.  We promise a whole different game next year.

4)  We are selling whole pies only.  These are 12 inch pies.  Each pie should serve 6 to 8 slices, depending on how you like to slice it.  No baby pies will be available for Thanksgiving.

5)  Pick-up is available on Wednesday, November 27th from 10 am to 3 pm ONLY.  We are so sorry if your trip to grandma's begins on Tuesday, but we are trying to be considerate of the needs of the Elk's Lodge and Wednesday is what works.  Nothing before 10 or after 3 without prior approval and a commitment to bring two large iced coffees with cream and sugar.

6)  We originally envisioned pick-up from another location, but given our anticipated quantity, pick-up will be at the Elks Lodge (CBO Event Center), 4747 E. Elk Park Drive, Columbia.  Here is a link to their site:  This is off Hwy WW.  Google maps provides excellent directions.

7)  Pick up is CASH ONLY.  We won't have the necessary technical what-not to process debit or credit cards.  I know it feels odd, but it is only for one day at one temporary location.  When our official space opens, we will accept cash, checks, and cards.

8)  How can one event need 8 bullet points of detail?

9)  The order site will generate a confirmation email to you.  It may not be instantaneous, but it will happen.  If you get nothing after 24 hours, please leave us a note on the blog or send us a Facebook message.

10)  We will close pie orders at 300 pies OR November 21st, whichever happens first.  Moral of this story, order early if you seriously want a pie.  We have no idea what sort of demand to don't wait until too late and then try to stalk me down in the Hy-Vee and tell me you need a pie or your grandma will be sad on Thanksgiving because I would probably cry at that story and end up saying yes and then promptly forgot that I said yes and you show up and we don't have it.  The Internet is the safest for us all, people.

11)  Are you ready for the link?  I'm making it number 12 because I don't like to end things on an odd number.


Happy Ordering!

PS....we are so hoping for no technical issues...if one happens, please post to our Facebook page: