By The Numbers...

It is official...our Kickstarter campaign has ended!  This morning at 7:01 am CST, our 30 day adventure came to a close...and we are THRILLED to be on this side of our endeavor as successfully funded.  Kickstarter would email me periodically over the weekend about our impending deadline and each would say something like "72 hours until your Kickstarter project closes"..."40 hours until your Kickstarter project closes"...18 hours until your Kickstarter project closes" get the point.  Because we had successfully funded on Thursday (, these email reminders didn't cause me to go into a tailspin of panic.  We did watch a number of projects closing this morning that didn't fund - some fell short by large margins and some only fell short by a small percentage - and we remain humbled by our experience and full of gratitude for our backers.  Heck, even if you weren't able to back us but you kept reading our blog and stomached the number of times I said "Kickstarter" on here, you are in our hearts as well. Here is how the campaign finished:

Amount Raised:  $10,246

Funded: 102%

Number of Backers: 101

Average Pledge Amount: $101 (our smallest pledge was $5 and the largest was $1550)

Amount Directly From Kickstarter Views:  $3,675

Amount From External Sources (Facebook, Blog, Inside Columbia, Search Engines): $6,571

Number of Kickstarter Video Views: 303

How Many Viewers Actually Watched The Full Video: 48.18%

Day With The Most Backers:  October 12, 2013

How Many Times I Actually Watched The Full Video:  0 (I bet it was cringe-worthy)

How Many Times We Questioned Our Sanity: 192

How Many Times We Cried Because We Were Happy:  At least twice

How Many Times I've Typed "Kickstarter" In The Last Month:  At least 1,782

How Long We Will Be Thankful For Your Generosity:  Forever

So, what happens next with Kickstarter?  Kickstarter keeps a 3% fee for hosting the project (so, $307.38).  The balance arrives in the next 14 days or so.  We are sending handwritten thank you notes, reward certificates, and VIP cards to each of our 101 backers, so to that end, we have ordered the those materials and have been leading our writing hands through a series of warm up activities.  We hope to have those all ready to go within a week or so, depending on when the printer finishes the cards.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our backers.  And our blog readers.  And our Facebook fans.  And our Twitter followers.  And to the people who know us in real life and listen to us talk about PJP V. 2.0 incessantly.  I promise you all, it will be worth it:)