We Have No Words...

Ahem. So.

We have some news.

Some knock your socks off, leave you with no words, hooooooolllllllleeeeeeeeeeee smokes sort of news.

First, let me set the scene...being fueled solely on two nutter butter cookies and Halloween anticipation, I met my bestie at the Hyvee salad bar because, well because, that's what we do (it was the Grindstone Hyvee for those of you that need detail...I like a visual).  Somewhere among a discussion of the beauty of butter soaked croutons, my phone started to go crazy like a Las Vegas slot machine.  Since Kickstarter kindly sends me a notification each time we have a new pledge, I wasn't quite sure what was going on...I thought maybe we had gotten two pledges at the same time.  So, I pull my phone out of my pocket and:

OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HAS FULLY FUNDED. (Shouting fully intended). My brain couldn't even fully function for a second...I remember just handing my phone to my bestie for her to look at the notification.  Boom - life changing moment at the Hyvee salad bar with my bestie and I will never forget it.  Even better than that, when I called Jeanne and told her and she was actually without words...I would have actually bet cash that no event could ever make that happen.

We are humbled.  Humbled and amazed.  Humbled and amazed and excited.  We could say "thank you" a thousand times over and it wouldn't even cover the gratitude we feel to our backers and our blog readers and our friends who kept saying this dream was a possibility.  And in full disclosure, it was one backer who pledged $1,550 yesterday to finish us out.  To that person, you have two new best friends and pie for life.  I imagine I'll wax poetic in a blog post about the virtues of Kickstarter in the new future, but I can't stop here without saying that the concept of people believing in you enough to back you with dollars...overwhelming.

So what happens now?

1)  Think of us like this:

2) Remember - you have to be sending all your mental vibes to Contractor Steve to keep it cheap.  I still haven't heard a number from him yet.  I've had various people send me messages about what they think the number will be and Oh My Lord...let's hope they are wrong.

3) I'm getting ready to order our thank you note stationary and make a plan for our reward certificates for our Kickstarter pledges - 97 of you fine people as of right now and there are 71 hours to go.  Want a handwritten thank you note and a reward or perhaps you just want to be our 100th backer?  We are certainly still taking pledges for the next 71 hours:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1576929042/bring-back-peggy-jeans?ref=live.  Shoot, if you are our 100th backer, we will even get you a Peggy Jean's t-shirt.  No joke.

You all are the best.  Seriously.