Baking Under The Influence

Hi There...

Today we are actually together in the same space and we've done our hair and makeup and let me tell you, that is a trifecta of opportunity that rarely happens if shopping isn't our main goal.  So what's the deal?

We were contacted yesterday by the completely adorable Alex Engle, a senior journalism student from MU, who wanted to come to my house and film us baking and interview us about our Kickstarter project for KOMU television.  Let's back up....last night...FOR TODAY.  So forget hair and makeup, let's think for a hot second about how fast I could clean my house.  You would have seriously been impressed.

But, house clean, hair coiffed, and makeup done, we were ready for Alex.  We decided to bake a pumpkin pie and roll some dough.

I am pleased that all my hours of watching television cooking shows are now validated...notice that everything is in in a separate bowl and container?  Thank you, Food Network.  I don't know if you've ever used Mason Jars to hold sugar and evaporated milk, but we knew enough not to pour it out of the can, and that is what is important.

Alex came over at 12 and brought her camera, microphones, a list of well researched equipment and a hairstyle that made me completely rethink my coiffure that had made me happy only moments before. Adorable, people, I am telling you this now.  When you see her on The Today Show in five years, remember you heard the hair bit here first.

She asked us a TON of questions.  We said "Kickstarter" a TON (back us now!  We also admitted to sometimes fighting with each other and then making each other laugh until we cry.  We shared some big pie plans, discussed our excitement, and then said "Kickstarter" 1,295,205 more times.  It looked a little like this:

And this blog would in no way be keeping it real unless we also confessed to our tradition of having a quick glass of wine while re-checking our eyeliner and having an in-depth discussion about our options for a logo.  I'll have more on that adventure tomorrow, but just know that the logo experience has been crazy fun and picking has been one of the hardest chores we've had yet.  I would guess that when I snapped this pic, we were discussing typography, lip liner, Spanx, and the general cost of a dozen eggs.  If you want to hang with us, be prepared to change topics every 12.5 seconds.

Alex finished up around 2 this afternoon, leaving us with a whole pumpkin pie, some pie crust (rolled out dough, sliced into strips and baked in the oven...THE BEST), and mild headaches from prolonged Spanx wearing.  She will be in touch once she spends an obscene amount of time editing us and has a date when you can expect to see us on the news.

So, our first television media is in the bag and we had a lot of fun.  We are open and ready for Oprah, Andy Cohen, and/or The Food Network, so...we will...just be...waiting.