Yes, Chef

In case you missed our earlier Facebook post this afternoon, we've learned that Jeanne placed as first runner up as Best Pastry Chef in the Feast Magazine Feast 50 awards.  (Say that three times fast.)  We, of course, couldn't be more proud of her if we tried.  In typically Jeanne fashion, she is nonplussed by announcement, though is anxious for us all to answer her "yes, Chef" on the regular.  Also, she is toying with the idea of wearing a chef's hat while working because she a) really super loves a hat, and b) really really super loves a hat.



Here's a few other items of note:

  1. We spent some time today setting some goals for August.  And that seems expected, but we rarely write anything down with intention.  And I've seen enough Instagram and Pinterest posts to know that living with intention is A THING.
  2. That said, the best way to feel like the laziest person in the entire world is to follow the hashtag #goals.  SO. MANY. WORKOUT. SELFIES.  I basically just want to train myself to actually write down, and actually do, some of the things that cross my mind.
  3. We've decided to participate in the Roots and Blues festival and the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival and to take a pass on the Versailles Apple Festival this fall.  And not because Versailles didn't sound like a lovely time, but because I know us well enough that three weekends of the PJP roadshow might cause us to implode.
  4. We are still kicking around the idea of opening on Mondays in the fall.  We have no idea what decision to make.  Honestly, entrepreneurship would be 100% easier sometimes if a scroll just fell from the sky with a decision stamped on it.
  5. I was going to mention the August epic pie tasting and the planned Masterclass Baking Class, but both sold out in less than a few hours, so...more dates to come in September.  I'm even going to ask Chef to consider a beginning baking class.