When we make our tarts, we use a disposable paper liner that is non-stick on one side and is the model for our tart die press. And apparently, a lot of bakeries around the country use this tart paper because the manufacturer is OUT OF STOCK UNTIL MID-OCTOBER. And this is tragic news for us because I have about 1,000 tart papers in stock and need around 2,000 for the next few weeks. And it makes you wonder how a manufacturer can just actually have no more available for a few weeks, right? I’m working steadily on a Plan B and taking intermittent breaks to angry tweet from my personal Twitter to the manufacturer, though I have no hopes it speeds up production.

Here’s a few other housekeeping items:

  1. Registration for our final Epic Pie Tasting event of 2018 opened this afternoon and it was 90% full by the time we closed at 6 pm. So that said, if you would like to attend, call early to secure the remaining seats. We will resume our regular monthly schedule in January, 2019.

  2. Mark your calendars because Thanksgiving ordering will open on Tuesday, October 2nd. We’ve already received quite a few inquiries, so we made our final flavor selections and sent the order form off to the printer. As usual, we will close orders when we hit a number of pies that is absolutely terrifying. My best guess will be the second week of November, but I’m willing to take bets. (And if you are new around here, Thanksgiving is on an order only basis. We offer 10 different flavors and only offer the nine-inch size.)

  3. We’ve been inundated with calls for PJP baking parties and reserving PJP for client appreciation gifts in November. The calendar is filling quickly, so if you had something in mind for the holidays, call soon or email so we can chat about what works best for you. Today alone, I had SIX different requests for a baking party on October 18th. Gulp.

  4. And not that this has anything to do with anything else, but after seeing monthly electric bills that only nightmares can be made of, our last bill came in at over $850 FOR ONE MONTH. I didn’t even have it in me to be righteously indignant any longer, until I read in the paper last week that we can all expect an increase in our monthly utility costs soon. And now I’m indignant again.

  5. Finally, on a brighter (and cheaper) note, I was looking around on a fun wholesale website and just added a whole slew of “PIES BEFORE GUYS” t-shirts to my cart. Arriving soon to PJP, just in time for a side of women’s empowerment with Thanksgiving dinner.