So, really, the highlight of my day was stopping by the accountant’s office to sign our 2018 return and learning that we didn’t owe a billion dollars.


Of course, I’m being overdramatic when I say a billion dollars, but we are talking about the IRS here, remember. Honestly, any number could have been at the bottom of that return and I would have been like “Welp, Ok.” It doesn’t appear that the IRS has a motto. Therefore, I fully support “Welp, Ok”. That hashtag would totally trend on Instagram and Twitter. #WelpOk

Here are just a few other brief notes from the past week:

  1. Valentine’s Day was exceptionally busy, making last year’s Valentine’s Day pale in comparison. It was also not nearly as stressful or difficult as previous years, meaning we are learning a thing or two along the way. I’m sure we will freak ourselves out soon with another project, but Valentine’s Day was a solid win in the book of “Stuff We Didn’t Mess Up

  2. I’ll also publicly admit that it was my birthday on Valentine’s Day. Team PJP got me a Happy Light, which helps mood and energy during the dead of winter. I think they knew one more early closing because of snow might push me over the edge. I don’t know many bosses that get a group gift from their team, so I’m considering myself beyond lucky and so, so, so fortunate.

  3. Behind-the-Scenes Jason got me a new MacBook Pro. My previous MacBook and I had been locked in a hate/hate relationship for at least a year and I think Jason was really tired of hearing me swear every time the computer told me there wasn’t enough free disk space WHEN THERE CLEARLY WAS. And as a bonus, when he transferred data, he found a bunch of pictures from our earliest days at PJP that I’ll share later in the week. Spoiler alert: Jeanne and I were terrible at merchandising. Honestly, we probably still are.

  4. And because I’m so inspired by my new computer, I taught myself how to add a Merchandise page to our website. And then I taught myself how to add our PJP coffee cups to the page and configure those for purchase with ground shipping nationwide. All without Jason’s help or any online technical support help. GAME CHANGER. Tomorrow, I’ll add PJP shirts and pie servers.

  5. Finally, I received an interview request today to discuss Pi(e) Day and quickly realized it is much sooner than I realized it. You know the drill…all pie is discounted $3.14 on March 14th all day or just until we can’t make another single thing. I think that tomorrow night, while another four or five inches of snow fall from the sky, I’ll sit in front of my Happy Lamp and make a Facebook Event for it. #WelpOk