Solid Plan. Love It.

Well, to start with, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your well wishes on our new endeavor into building out PJP Nifong this summer. The comments on the blog, Facebook, Instagram, along with the personal text messages, and those of you that stopped in to discuss - we can’t begin to tell you how much your words mean to us. Mostly, it helped relax me enough about our decision that I was able to give all my anxiety a solid six or seven hour break. And let me tell you, anxiety and I needed a serious afternoon apart from each other.

As expected, I was asked a few questions about all this news…so let’s break it down:

The most popular question I received was about the current interior of the new location. I don’t have much to say except SO MUCH ORANGE AND GREEN. I can only imagine how that franchise design meeting went down back in the early days of Orange Leaf…as in “oh hey, let’s tile entire walls with iridescent orange tiles!” and the other person then comments “solid plan, love it!”. I just took a look at the Orange Leaf corporate webpage and there are A LOT of Orange Leafs currently in operation, so that can only be good news for the company who makes tile in that color and wondered if anyone would ever buy it.


The next hot topic of discussion in the Facebook and Instagram comments is the Orange Leaf furniture. Some people jokingly wanted to know if we got to keep that fine decor and some people seriously wanted to know if we would sell it to them. All that said, we think those tables and chairs would be a lovely addition to a pre-school, elementary school, or day care facility. (I’m using the word “lovely” here loosely, but at the minimum, all chairs and tables are in great shape.) We are waiting for landlord approval to unload these items and once we have that, we will figure out an equitable way to gift all this finery to those who are interested. Our gift to you.

To be honest, it is 100% tempting to purchase a sledgehammer and go into the space and demo that tiled wall ASAP, just like a House Hunters Renovation episode on HGTV…and that will 100% happen in the coming weeks. The landlord gets to enjoy the first 30 days of the lease term doing a complete replacement of the 1984 heating and air conditioning unit and all the duct work inside the unit. And then we can move forward making it less Orange Leaf and more PJP. Although, I don’t think there is anything enjoyable about removing a heating and air unit that was installed when I was EIGHT YEARS OLD, but the novelty certainly makes it interesting I bet.

So that’s all the news on the moving storyline, but as a reminder on the PJP Buttonwood front…PBS is arriving on Thursday morning before we open and filming ALL DAY for a new show being produced. Our to-do list for tomorrow is astonishing, so you might need to sit down to read tomorrow night’s post. Just not in an Orange Leaf chair.