In case you’ve stumbled upon this blog to discover the glamour behind entrepreneurship, please know that I just sat at my kitchen island and tied tiny forks with ribbons for two solid hours for next week’s massive Jelly Jar project.


And while I was only able to do about 120 of the eventual 429 sets that we will need, I’ve been to enough Jelly Jar rodeos to know that the devil is in the details when it comes to these sorts of projects. So 120 tied sets of forks? GOLD. Also, if you want everyone in your family to completely leave you alone, drag out some ridiculous project like this and then you can tie forks while watching some family of eight move to Parma, Italy on House Hunters International in complete and total peace. (Also, not to be controversial, but they TOTALLY picked the wrong house.)

Here’s a few other ridiculous things:

  1. Not surprisingly, we have some $5 Friday anxiety. Thankfully, the stress of the Jelly Jar project is just mixing all of our anxiety up so much that we just accept our fears as our reality and we are all just moving forward.

  2. I’m speaking TWICE tomorrow at Mizzou’s Business School…once at 11 and again at 2. I haven’t figured out the logistics of wearing normal people clothes and bisecting my day when there are 4,839 things to do at PJP Buttonwood that involve an apron and an unbelievable amount of flour.

  3. UPS delivered over 2,000 Jelly Jars today, causing our UPS man to sweat profusely and question was what happening in our store. Also, Uline gives you a gift if you spend an obscene amount of money at one time. Guess who has a new utility cart? HOLLA.

  4. Our pie press is making a screeching noise that you can probably hear in your homes. Or perhaps it is luring every dog in the greater Columbia area to Buttonwood Drive. We called Comtec and their advice was to pick up the entire machine and turn it sideways and blah, blah, blah. I’m certain this is the IT equivalent of “turn it off and turn it back on in 10 seconds”. We didn’t try it.

  5. That’s it I’ve got nothing else…unless you want to discuss Parma. Because I’ve got opinions, like one bathroom for eight people is a dubious decision.