So here we are after Labor Day, which at PJP feels exactly like when you've finished the slow chug up a massive peak on a rollercoaster and you have that moment of pause before you go flying down the other side.  And say what you will about overdramatic metaphors, but it's true.

Here's a few other items that are also true.  And also likely overdramatic:

  1. I noticed yesterday that the parking lot in front of hot yoga and Buffalo Wild Wings and Feet Fleet is being completely repaved.  While I couldn't be happier for our deserving neighbors, I'm keeping a side eye out for the asphalting machine to FINALLY come fill up our water feature in front of our store.  And by water feature, I graciously mean an enormously large pothole (read: crater) that never ever drains.
  2. We currently have beef AND chicken pot pie in stock in both the nine-inch size and the baby size.  That really never happens, so take advantage and stock up now.  Due to overwhelming demand for a vegetarian pot pie, we have plans to work on that tomorrow.
  3. We are considering hosting an Epic Pie Tasting in October that will focus solely on savory pies.  It is too early to tell if this is one of those things we just think about or one of those things we think about and then actually do, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page just in case we get ourselves together.
  4. A week from today we launch our new hours (10-6, Tuesday-Friday, 10-5 on Saturdays) and coincidentally I'll be in Las Vegas with Behind-The-Scenes Jason because he has a work thing I'm smart enough to not pass up three days at the Venetian if Jeanne is willing to mind the store and my kids.  Which is all to say, if someone forgets to unlock the door at 10, just knock to remind them.
  5. And honestly, since we are friends, I'm feeling all the guilt about leaving...primarily because I never do it.  But the keynote speaker at Jason's event is Mike Rowe and I would do about anything to be Mike Rowe-adjacent.  And it is a shame that Dirty Jobs isn't still on television because I could email him and suggest he come fix our parking lot crater as a dirty job because then I could have proximity PLUS be at my store, but alas...Vegas it is.