Of Course.

Hey there, it’s Rebecca. It’s Thursday and Jeanne just surprised me by texting to say she had emailed over a Jeanne-ology blog post. Enjoy!


Hello Thursday readers! I hope everyone is staying cool in this sweltering weather. I can’t ever seem to be cool enough, unless I spend a few hours in a cool shower. The older I become, the more I cannot tolerate extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. I would like either dry heat or cool temperatures. What place would that be? If it did exist, I doubt I would ever leave Rebecca and family. (Rebecca editing to add: I guess she’ll just have to settle for sticking her head in the freezer at Hy-Vee.)

Last week, Rebecca and my granddaughter went to the Atlanta Market. It’s a large market for anything you could imagine, from dishes, to furniture, baking goods, garden accessories, and the such. They kept me in the loop by FaceTiming me while they shopped. I wanted everything they showed me! I was truly amazed how many companies were there. I wish I had could been with them, but learning how many steps they walked every day was scary! There’s no way would I have made it. All said, I felt I got the better end of the deal. They did bring home a lot of wholesale catalogs. On Friday night, when they came home, I loaded myself up with all the catalogs and had so much fun going through every page, dog earring every page of items I thought we needed to order. On Saturday morning, I showed her how much I thought we should order. She immediately put the smack down because of budget and space to exhibit what I thought we should sell. Rebecca busted my bubble. I knew she was right when I figured that I had wanted to buy about $10,000 in merchandise! Still, it is nice to dream. (Rebecca editing to add: She would have made it just fine. But no doubt had she gone, she would have tried to convince me to rent a U-Haul to drive home with her $10,000 of merchandise.)


While she was away, I dealt with the City of Columbia and changed the utilities into our name. Rebecca already mentioned about $1,800 deposit. I agree with everything she says about the City of Columbia attitude about small business. What bothered me the most was the move-in fee of $6.00! Really, we have been customers for over five years and because we are moving to a new location, they are charging $6.00 move in fee! (Rebecca editing to add: She’s been VERY indignant about that $6.00 fee all week. She’s been super amped to speak her peace about it here so that we can all be indignant together.)

It was nice to have Rebecca back in the shop this week. I take advantage of her being there because I know she will manage better than me. She immediately assesses the situation, announces what we need to do to fill our cases with pie, quiche, and chicken pot pie. She is a leader for sure. (Rebecca editing to add: She gives me too much credit. Also, the apple never falls far from the tree.)

Today, I did not go to the shop. I helped my husband get a tool shed ready for building things we may need at the new shop. She really did not agree with my decision to stay home and work in the heat. I am so much enjoying building a few display cabinets that I did not listen to her. I am too stubborn to listen, and she knows that. It is nice to have a business partner that you may not agree with, but also to know it will be alright between us. (Rebecca editing to add: Hmpf. She never listens to me. Should she be working in a tool shed building things when it is 100 degrees out? Nope. Will she anyway? OF COURSE.)