Never A Dull Moment.

I can tell Jeanne has been back and in full force at PJP lately, mainly because she’s been fussing around about all the things not up to her cleanliness standards (which is basically everything, because she has VERY HIGH standards). On Friday, we were really busy in the storefront AND we were making a few hundred tarts for True/False, but she couldn’t relax because the she felt the bathroom needed a full treatment of cleaning products. Five minutes into her deep dive around the base of the PJP toilet with her razor blade, we hear her scream out “HELP!” and every single one of us dropped what we were doing and ran to the back - mainly because Jeanne screaming for help could mean that she’s dying or that no one wiped down the lid of the garbage can when they took the trash out…or anything in between. As it turns out, she had mopped the floor and then started to do the splits because her shoes were slipping on the wet floor and as she tried to prevent herself from falling, she ripped the toilet seat off on her slow slide down. In the end, Andrew and Sam each had to take a foot and push it back to her center point and stabilize her. The toilet seat may never recover. NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

Here’s a few other brief items, not related to toilets:

  1. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it 1,000 times: Pi(e) Day is next Thursday, March 14th. We will discount all pies by $3.14 (excluding pot pies and quiches because we are crazy, but not that crazy). No pre-orders are allowed, much to the dismay of many but it is the only way to keep it fair to everyone. Also, this is supposed to be fun - not a bloodbath to grab all the White Chocolate Strawberry pies at deeply discount prices.

  2. I just realized that I haven’t worked a Saturday in 2019 and that makes me 100% more productive on all the Mondays in 2019. And it makes my family much happier on the weekends, so holla to the elusive work/life balance. But most of the holla goes to Team PJP, who makes it all possible.

  3. And while I rarely follow through with anything (despite all my earnest intentions), I have drank 80 ounces of water a day for every day of 2019 thus far. And that is around 79 ounces more than I drank on any day since…well, ever. For the most part, hectic days at PJP was my excuse for dehydration. (And I guess in all the pre-PJP days, I just find plain water to be meh.) I’ll chuck this development into the work/life balance category.

  4. I dropped a huge dollop of French Silk on my shoe today when I was baking this morning. And when I picked my youngest up from school, she immediately noticed and identified the pie type from the stain left on my once white Nikes. Which oddly feels like some sort of odd entrepreneurial parenting win.

  5. And finally, we have a new line of custom greeting cards at PJP created by The Paper Baristas. They are all pretty fabulous and retail at only $4 each, so they make a great addition if you are stopping by to pick up pie as a gift for someone. We even have one for Pi(e) Day and it is the perfect combination of snarky and charming.