Millions To Go

The last few days at have been inordinately busy at PJP Buttonwood for late August. And here is the irony - we’ve had an overwhelming number of first time visitors to our store…because they saw the sign on the new store and never realized we existed in our current space for the past five years. Here’s all I can tell you about entrepreneurship: I spent at least the first four years thinking we were working toward an end goal, or at least a moment where we could take a full stop, like a veritable finish line in growing a business. But that doesn’t exist because there is always more to be done in your business and for your business. As evidenced by the 15 new people we introduced to PJP this week because all I’ve done for five years is think about PJP and talk about PJP and all of these 15 people had never even heard of PJP until this week. Gah. I’m pretty sure I’ll be up in the night thinking about the millions more to go.

tenor (3).gif

Here’s what else is going on:

  1. I visited PJP Nifong six times yesterday because the construction pace was moving quickly and I have the patience of a fly when it comes to seeing results. Three out of three trim carpenters working think I’m crazy.

  2. Everywhere we go, people ask Jeanne and I what day we will officially open at PJP Nifong. We don’t have that information just yet. We will start the move on the 8th and see how many days it takes to make us functional in our space (and approved by the city). As you might guess, I’m already low-key stressing about it all.

  3. Today we devised a genius system wherein I dictated everything I needed to do to Madeline, who wrote it down on a list. And then I would do some baking things and do three things on the list at her insistence. SO PRODUCTIVE. I answered someone that texted me eight days ago, which is an embarrassing thing to admit but we are all friends here and jeesh - I have a lot going on. Goodness knows what is on the list for tomorrow, but if you texted me six days ago and still await a response, I feel pretty good that tomorrow could be your day. Thank Madeline.

  4. I actually feel so mentally overwhelmed by most things going on right now that I went to a meditation class at Yoga Sol. There was a drum and chanting - two things that normally would make me bolt for the door. But since my daughter and I were already there, we just went with it. And actually, it turns out that I can’t think of all the things weighing heavy on my mind if a room full of people are chanting for 12 minutes. 100% returning. Five stars, completely recommend.

  5. And don’t forget that our Quiche Unleashed is this Friday. All baby quiche are $6 and nine-inch quiche are $16. They come frozen and you bake them in your oven at home, making dinner simple. And because we make them from scratch, they are free from chemicals and preservatives and ingredient lists that are 30 items long, mostly words no one knows how to pronounce. No discount code needed, just stop by.