Let's Assume.

One of my very favorite things about PJP is that we always exist in a time vortex. I can’t think of a single day - even the slowest ones in January - where I’ve felt like the day would NEVER end. Rather, I usually glance at the clock and find it much later in the day than I expected. And as someone who once had a job wherein I would bolt from my desk at 5:00:01 pm because I was so over it, I AM HERE FOR IT.

I could have used a solid extra six hours today to accomplish all the things on my to-do list. And we were super busy all day with all the people who know Pi(e) Day is approaching, but who would rather bypass the long lines on Thursday and move directly to pie today. Fair enough. Here’s a few other things that are not related to Pi(e) Day:

Jeanne and I received a package in the mail today from the sweetest people ever and in it was all sorts of things, but this sign for my future office could be the most perfect thing ever:


I was working on a project in Google analytics earlier today, specifically on blog data from the last 24 hours and we have a reader from North Pole, Alaska. Look, my life could be complete if I could send a #WPD sticker to North Pole and have it affixed to something there. I think what I’m not so subtlety asking is if you live in North Pole, will you email me your address and I’ll mail you something fun back? (And not to slight you, Eagle River, in the least - the same offer applies to you…and everyone else in all these states listed.)


And while I was at it, I noticed six readers in the United Kingdom. When I said this to my daughter, she felt it was strongly because I slapped a #WPD sticker on a light pole just near Big Ben last summer.


Have I ever mentioned that we are very hard on spatulas at PJP? Welp, we are. So it usually works that I ordered 20 or so and then we break them as we work over the next few months until we are in a death match over the last three spatulas left standing. This may be overconfident to say, but we might have finally found the perfect spatula. The Vollrath high temperature spatula seems to be a match for our heavy baking schedules, but I ordered some for Jeanne and I to take home too because they are just that niiiiice. And Vollrath has no idea we even exist, I’m just saying that if you want a non-janky spatula, this seems to work well.


And finally, speaking of janky, we had the bright idea to order a Rolodex to serve as our gift registry. Except when the Rolodex arrived, I clearly had better memories of them in the 1980s than the actual current reality of the Rolodex. I went back and read through the reviews on Amazon and apparently I’m not the only one with fond memories of the Rolodex glory years. I think we will wait and decide on whether the Rolodex stays or goes back to Amazon until we can think clearly after Pi(e) Day, but the nostalgia has been worth the unpacking for sure.