Jeanne-ology: Amen.

Hey There! It’s Thursday and that means it is time for Jeanne-ology. We’ve had a long week at PJP, the least for which I tried to teach her how to search for an account on Instagram and she tried to convince me that her Instagram doesn’t even have a search button. But as it turns out, Instagram is the least of her woes this week…Enjoy.


Another week has passed and it seems one day simply runs into another.  We are so busy at PJP (we have received more Thanksgiving orders to date than we have ever had before for this time of the year). It is astounding and overwhelming to think about!  With things running full speed at the shop, home is where I expect to unwind.  However, this past week has been less than relaxing.  (Rebecca editing to add: I’ll agree it’s been a bit hectic. Welcome, November.)

Last Saturday night, we turned off the television before bed. The next morning, the cable television wasn’t working. My husband immediately went into panic mode.  He has the TV running constantly, whether he is watching it or not. He can’t watching Gunsmoke and Bar Rescue.  I called our cable provider for help. The earliest they could have a tech person come out was Wednesday morning. My husband wanted me to call them back and DEMAND an earlier appointment. I’m not kidding. (Rebecca editing to add: Welp, Bar Rescue probably lost half it’s viewership this week. Whoever monitors that sort of thing is probably “wait, wait?” right about now.)

On Monday, our dryer (less than a year old) stopped working. The light comes on when you open the door and we cleaned the dryer vent. Goodness, who knows. I called Lowe’s. They gave a number for a repair man and I made an appointment for Wednesday morning. Great! Wednesday would be a day that the tv and dryer would be working. How wrong I was. The dryer repair company later called and said that it would be the following Monday (next week) before they would come out. Scheduling problems. Of course.  (Rebecca editing to add: She was very NOT happy about this. And that’s fair.)

The TV repairman showed up and couldn't fix our problem with the TV. He was from Mediacom trying to fix a Direct Tv problem. Ready to murder someone, I called Direct TV to find out why they sent out a Mediacom repair man. In a long explanation and a quick sum up, they thought I needed help with my internet and faster speed. Good gracious, now the Direct TV person will be here in the morning to fix our problem. (Rebecca editing to add: From what I heard, the repair guy could only fixed wired routers and not wireless. That’s weird.)

There must be a huge list of people needing dryer and tv repair. I think I will tell my grandson to just go to tech school and become skilled in plumbing, air conditioning, television, or dryer repair. These people seem to be in great demand.  It also makes me think that if these people are in such great demand, then the products we are buying are subpar for the brand we are buying. Gee, Rebecca moved our small 1953 refrigerator to her screened in porch and it works great.  Maybe in 1953, they built appliances to last. Now they don't. All this technology and appliances seem not to last as long.  We really don't need all the whistles and bells that come with some appliances. In fact, our dryer is basic. Just dry only except that is too much to expect. (Rebecca editing to add: Well, in full disclosure, the dryer she replaced last year was the dryer she bought WHEN I WAS IN KINDERGARTEN.)

To sum it up, this week has been hectic. A grouchy husband, piles of dirty laundry, and no TV . Lets hope when it is all fixed, home will become a welcoming place to come home to.

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