Jeanne-ology: A Demon Has Left

Hi There - It’s Thursday, though we’ve worked so many days straight in a row that you could tell me it was Sunday and I would be apt to agree. Tonight Jeanne discusses the heat, her back, Thanksgiving, and more. Never a dull moment here at PJP! Enjoy.


Hello Thursday readers! It is so nice to see the day starting with much cooler temperatures. I don't know about you, but I have HAD IT with the heat. I perspire so much on my head that I was tired of having wet and matted hair. Today was the first time in a while that I looked half way decent. (Rebecca editing to add: Charming.)

The past three weeks, I have been battling back pain. I usually ignore any pain and figure that it will work itself out. Not this time. (Rebecca editing to add: She - and I - will work through most anything. This makes us either exceptionally stubborn or just exceptionally crazy.)

I have not been able to sleep, sit or stand without pain. On a couple of occasions, Rebecca told me I looked miserable. She was right, because I was. She carried all the load of Roots and Blues weekend. I never once visited our booth. It took all my determination to work at the shop making tarts and delivering them to her for re-stocking our booth. Sunday was the worst day for pain. I basically threw a big pity party for myself. On Monday morning, I booked a deep tissue massage. Geez, that was very intense and while laying on the table, I wished I had not booked it! I went to the pie shop with wild hair and still in pain. (Rebecca editing to add: It’s a long story for another day, but she was also super grouchy on Monday and told someone who was being difficult that she was going to run over them in the parking lot. )

The next step was to see a chiropractor. Yesterday was my first adjustment. When the doctor finished, I was pain free!! My gosh, I felt like a evil demon had left my body. I drove home, enjoyed the evening and had a wonderful night sleep. My attitude has been upgraded to A+! (Rebecca editing to add: Now she’s on me like a dog with a bone about going…and I totally need to. But seriously, I washed a pan in the dishwasher at home six times this week to avoid scrubbing it with an SOS pad. I’m just that tapped out in every way. Finally tonight I spent 20 minutes - and four SOS pads - scrubbing it clean. If you want a metaphor for how I’m feeling about most things lately, please know that succinctly summarizes it.)

Today, Rebecca and I spent time working on the Thanksgiving pie selection. She kept adding new options and we finally 13 choices for Thanksgiving pie. We stayed at 13 because we opened on September 13th. We were certain to include some gluten-free options and took a bold, bold, bold step by adding the beloved White Chocolate Strawberry pie onto the list for the first time ever. I can’t imagine how much strawberry whip we will need to make that week! (Rebecca editing to add: I’m hopeful that by early next week, the online ordering link for Thanksgiving will be available. I have it all ready to go, I just need Behind-The-Scenes Jason to work his magic. Also, I’m surprised she agreed to White Chocolate Strawberry on the list. I reminded her that I had security footage of the conversation for the first she has a fit about how many strawberries we need to slice.)

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