It All Evens Out

Comparative to yesterday, today at PJP was smooth sailing through calm seas.  And in full confessional, Jeanne and I scooted out early and went to our favorite place of vacuous time suck...Home Goods in Jefferson City.  And this may be a controversial statement, but we believe the Jefferson City Home Goods to be among one of the better Home Goods stores anywhere.  And if we could get one of those in Columbia (along with a south side Target, a Trader Joe's, and a Costco), well that would be AWESOME. 


Here's a few other items of note:

  1.  I haven't Instagrammed since the weekend because nothing has inspired me or motivated me, though I'm certain all social media experts would suggest neither of those are valid reasons for a hiatus.  And I suppose they would be correct, but what's worse...Instagramming for the sake of Instagramming or not Instagramming for the sake of not Instagramming?  There's your 21st century chicken or the egg argument.
  2. That said, I have taken a deep dive into fixing our Pinterest.  Somehow I merged all 4,000 of my personal pins on to the PJP page.  And you know what's awkward?  87 pins about my dog on our business page.
  3. Here's a not-so-subtle reminder that we will be closed on July 4th and 5th (but will have regular hours on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday).  A few people have asked why we aren't open on the morning of the 4th and all day on the 5th and I have no solid answer except to say that either of those options sounds meh to us.  Frankly, we want to sleep late, stay up late, and spend time with our people (including some Team PJP headed to my house on the 4th) without stressing about early morning baking schedules.
  4. That said, the orders are rolling in for Tuesday, July 3rd and likely we will work on Monday to do prep work for a busy day of orders the next day.  So I guess it all evens out.
  5. And in full disclosure, we are putting some significant thought to opening on Mondays during the fall and holiday months (let's say September through Christmas).  The thought makes me overwhelmed, but so does being in the store on Mondays to work on prepping for the week and turning away people at the door while listening to the phone ring off the hook.  Likely we would return to our regular Tuesday - Saturday schedule in January when we drastically slow down.