How To Make Google Like You

So, if you've been reading here for long at all, you know that we are SUPER excited to have two beautiful new websites - one for PJP and one for the blog (which makes us so extra and we aren't even ashamed).  And while our beautiful new homes on the Internet have been available to swoon over for a month or so now, we've still been working with our friends at Hoot Design Co. on the decidedly less glamorous stuff like email and online ordering and Google analytics.  And here are a few thoughts:

  1. I could write a dissertation on the email difficulties that plagued us in 2017 and early 2018.  And I could tell you the details, but you totally wouldn't care (goodness, I barely care and it is MY email).  All I can tell you is if you want a completely pointless discussion about servers, passwords, backends, and being 100% annoyed, you can stop by the store to see me in person.  But now it appears our woes are behind us because we've switched to Google for Business and whatever may happen down the road, I feel like Google won't fail my email.  Better yet, you can email me at OR at our fun new general address,  And finally, you can email Jeanne at, but she likely won't ever answer you because that is how she I probably just wouldn't.
  2. We are SUPER excited that you can now order a pie for pickup at PJP without ever calling us and talking to a human being in our store.  Despite my tendency to extroversion, I used to fight to the death with Behind-The-Scenes Jason about which one of us was going to call and order pizza for our family on Friday nights.  (Spoiler alert:  he always made me call.)  Online ordering ranks in the top of my all-time favorite inventions of the 21st century, so that PJP can offer such a fine life-changing service MAKES ME HEART SWELL WITH PRIDE.  Take a look at just how fancy we are by clicking here.
  3. And finally, we've never had Google Analytics until last week.  Half of you probably just said "what the heck is that?" and the other half of you just said "they are more clueless than I would have guessed".  We could never figure out how to do it and goodness knows it isn't an easy topic to get help on short of thousands of dollars (and a lot of mansplaining).  But Hoot fixed it all for us (because they are amazing) and now we are legit professionals.  Except here is the thing:  looking at what data Google collects is sort of making me CRAZY.  It tells you how long people are on your site, what pages they look at, where the person is located, and even this crazy thing called a bounce rate...meaning how many people look at your main page and then leave without looking at anything else on your site.  Gulp.  Look, if I notice that we have lost a like on Facebook, I worry about it for hours and wonder why that person decided they didn't like us any longer.  So looking at all of this raw data about human behavior is more than I can handle.  All my competitiveness has kicked into overdrive, so after we ship out 420 Jelly Jar pies tomorrow, I'll be taking a deep dive into researching "how to make Google like you".  Ironically, I guess I'll search it on Google.  Sounds right.