Google It.

Yesterday, we signed the paperwork and paid the $300 to become the temporary three week tenants in the old Wren’s Shoe Repair two doors down from our storefront. We will use the space for storage over the next week and a half and then all the pie pickup during Thanksgiving week will happen in that location.

This morning before tearing into our baking schedule for the day, we took a Team PJP field trip to the space and spent a little time in the store chatting about how it would all work for the week of Thanksgiving. And it is no joke that while the space is underwhelming, it does have a dutch door. I’ve wanted a dutch door in my house FOREVER (cue Behind-the-Scenes Jason rolling his eyes), so here is the silver lining to the bump in our Thanksgiving logistics…that space may be two doors away, but for the next three weeks we have a dutch door and we are pretty amped about it.


This afternoon, Kevin and I spent a lot of time working on the website and in Google analytics. (And by “Kevin and I”, I really just mean Kevin while I talked to him.) One of my favorite pieces of data is the listing of all the things that people search for on Google that bring them to the main PJP website. Here are the best ones:

  1. How Much Should I Sell My Pies For? (If you need to ask the Internet, you don’t need to sell pies. Just saying.)

  2. Ton Pie. (We sell a ton of pies, fo’ sure. Is that what you were trying to figure out?)

  3. Apple Jean. (And boots with the fur.)

  4. Peggy Pack. (Huh. I’m not aware of any packs of Peggys available,)

  5. Good Pie. (Does anyone advertise themselves as selling bad pie?)

  6. Rebecca Jeanen. (That’s weird.)

  7. Meet Rebecca. (Even more weird.)

  8. Berry Jeans. (Jeans the color of berries?)

  9. Chocolate Pot Pie. (I’m not opposed.)

  10. Best Pies in America. (Finally one that makes sense.)