Dubious Decisions.

Well, just in case you thought that maybe after 48 months we had consistently gotten smarter and wiser…we go and do just the dumbest thing, like booking two pie tasting evenings IN A ROW. That is a bold scheduling move, even for us. Tomorrow’s Epic Pie Tasting is completely sold out but the Savory Pie Tasting has a few seats left, surprisingly.

Here’s a catch up on other dubious decisions we’ve been making:

  1. We are just about a week out from the annual Roots & Blues festival and I’ve decided we should make, bake, and stock our booth with around 1,300 tarts for the weekend (including 100 gluten-free options). Goodness. Let’s see how that shakes out.

  2. Our entrance fee check to the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival was cashed, so we guess that means our application was accepted. I can’t even allow myself to think about mid-October just yet…partially because it was 90 degrees today and partially because we have 1,300 tarts looming over the horizon. But I would guess 500 or more tarts for the two day event isn’t unreasonable.

  3. And hold on to your seats for this one…we accepted an order for approximately 2,400 jelly jars in early October. TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR HUNDRED JARS. To which the least I could think was…that’s 400 sets of tiny forks tied with ribbons. Gulp.

  4. Oh, and $5 Friday is planned for Friday, October 5th. If you recall, we started this thing wherein we sell baby pies for $5 whenever a Friday naturally falls on the 5th of the month. That’s only once this year. On occasion, Facebook will take a great post and show it to only a few hundred people. Or it will take an event and show it to thousands of people. And suffice it to say, Facebook seems in favor of $5 Friday.

  5. Let’s also drop in there the Rock Bridge Elementary Chicken BBQ, two weddings, and a baking party or two and then let’s stop talking about the next three weeks. Because we could always talk about Thanksgiving, right?