Jeanne-ology: Bleach Is My Best Friend

It’s Thursday and that means it is time for Jeanne-ology. This week she discusses her favorite topic: cleaning. I often say the best reality television show in the world would be one that drops Jeanne off at an unknowing commercial kitchen that has been cited for previous critical health violations and then just watch her implode. We would win an Emmy, for sure. Enjoy! - Rebecca


As usual, Rebecca reminded me that I needed to write the blog tonight. I know, I know! She asked me what I was going to write about and of course, I said I didn't know. She suggested that I write about the shop. She also asked why I never seem to write about PJP. I guess she is right. My only thought was that she usually covers all the big things that happen at the shop throughout the week. What more could I add? (Rebecca editing to add: Um, she ALWAYS has something more to add. About everything. Don’t let her kid you.)

Of course, I could say how happy I was that we were named the best bakery in Columbia yesterday. That is amazing news! I knew we were in the running, but honestly did not expect to win. Come to think of it, we have been nominated every year that we have been open. This year we did not mention our nomination really. Winning the best bakery completely surprised us both and thanks to our loyal customers that took the time to vote for us. (Rebecca editing to add: She also did not vote for us a single day. I know, because I used both her email address and mine to vote for us every day. No shame.)

Rebecca and I think so differently from each other. For me to write about our shop would include all the things that I notice that she never does:

1.  It drives me nuts when items are not returned to their place. I go to get a slotted spoon, for instance, and it is not where it is supposed to be. Then I spend five minutes looking for it and if I can't find it, then I enlist the entire staff to stop what they are doing and help me find the slotted spoon. Good grief, we have more than one slotted spoon and they are all missing? Why is that? Is there a slotted spoon conspiracy? I express these thoughts and everyone just looks at me and doesn’t say a word. By the way, I love talking out loud to myself. (Rebecca editing to add: Take this entire scenario and now imagine her as being VERY fussy while she is looking for her slotted spoon. For a while, she threatened to give Team PJP a quiz about where items are kept in the store to get to the bottom of the slotted spoon debacle.)

2. Microwave is dirty. Today, when I started to use the microwave, I noticed some spills that had not been cleaned up. I don't think they were from today, or at least, I have my suspicions. That also tells me that the afternoon work list has been checked off that everything was cleaned, even though it wasn’t all done. I think we have a cleaning saboteur among us. (Rebecca editing to add: Saboteur? That escalated quickly. It was likely Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick. Ahem.)

3. Fruit stains on the floor. Making fruit pies is messy and it is easy to have a blueberry or blackberry drop on the floor in the process. If the berries are not picked up immediately, they start leaving juice stains. I know our kitchen floor is not the easiest to clean and by the time the floor is swept before closing, the stain remains. Thank goodness, bleach is my best friend. (Rebecca editing to add: I thought I was her best friend! I suppose I can’t compete with Clorox.)

4.  Dirty sinks. Just because we rinse dishes in the sink doesn't mean the sink is clean. That's the same as saying the shower stall is clean because we shower in it. I wish high schools made it mandatory to teach basic cleaning techniques. Maybe they could show how many germs are hovering in the drain and that bleach should be the students best friend! (Rebecca editing to add: When I was a teenager, I never wanted to make my bed on the theory that I would just get back in my bed that night. She reminded me that we wash our underwear even though we will be wearing it again. And ever since then, I’ve made my bed every single day . I hate when she’s right.)

Crumbs in the bottom of the refrigerator and freezer, flour dust on boxes…the list goes on and on. Maybe I focus on grime and organization because I know that Rebecca has the baking schedule, orders, and events under control. I don't worry about it because I know that she will make sure that we do everything we need to do to accomplish the day's events. Maybe, deep down I am a clean freak. I am glad that I am, especially after the local news posted several restaurants with marks against them for infractions on health inspections. (Rebecca editing to add: “Maybe, deep down I am a clean freak.” MAYBE. MAYBE?? Bwhahahhahahaha.)

After all is said and done, Rebecca will keep us growing our business and I will keep growing older and yelling about fruit stains and dirty sinks. Sounds like a good recipe for success.