A Few Things

While we’ve been busy working all sorts of big things, like baking hundreds of pies and planning for Thanksgiving, all sorts of small things happen everyday at PJP. Here’s just a few to discuss…

  1. Remember our 1950s refrigerator that housed all of our cream pies? We replaced it late last year with a legit commercial merchandising cooler. Because we loved our old-school refrigerator and it is such a part of PJP history, we decided to keep it and moved it to my screened-in porch. When I was filling it with beer on Saturday for our Team PJP party, I marveled that it ever functioned as space to hold all of our cream pies. And as each member of Team PJP opened the door and peered in, they could hardly believe that we lasted over three years using a tiny refrigerator. So what I’m saying is that a good way to assess the growth of your company is to stock an old refrigerator with a case of Corona and compare it to your previous cream pie days.

  2. Speaking of growth, I often get asked if I know what sort of pie a particular person enjoys. I used to be really good at remembering who bought what when they stopped by, but as we grown and have so many new customers…this has gotten harder. I was thinking that a gift registry that allowed people to write down their name and favorite three pies would be a super fun and helpful tool and also help people shop for holiday gifts. It sounds easy enough to create, though I worry it will involve an element of craftiness and NO THANKS. If anyone knows of a way to create a gift registry without spending thousands of dollars, invading personal privacy, or purchasing scrapbook paper and glitter, then please email me.

  3. Thankfully our online Thanksgiving order form works beautifully and doesn’t need washi tape. We already have over 200 orders, breaking previous years numbers for this point prior to Thanksgiving.

  4. Speaking of Thanksgiving, we did decide to rent the former Wren’s space two doors down from us for pie pickup the week of Thanksgiving. It will be annoying and awkward, but so will standing in a tent with long lines for pickup…especially if it rains or snows.

  5. And finally, we’ve partnered with Paperless Post to work on our holiday cards for all of our customers who have opted-in to our email list. Paperless Post allows you to create cards (with pictures and our logo) and then upload an email list and they take care of the rest. I’ve already started working with the goal of it sending right after Thanksgiving. One less thing to do in the month of November makes me heart happy. Almost as happy as this picture…