Actual Footage.

Well, here we are on the last day of April. And beyond PJP turning 61 months old, May is always significant because there are no less than nine trillion special days, events, and holidays to celebrate. And if you think I’m being dramatic, Thursday is National Life Insurance Day. Oh, and next Tuesday is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day. So what I’m saying is that PJP will keep busy with Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse Appreciation Week, Mother’s Day, graduation, and Memorial Day. And I’m totally here for National Crouton Day on May 13th, because croutons are the highlight of any salad.

Here are some non-leg of lamb and crouton related news items:

  1. Whatever happens in May, the month will go too quickly. This summer we will lose Sydney, Katie, and Sam to locations far away. And while it is exciting to see everyone graduate and move on to the next part of their life, Team PJP is definitely going to take a hit…both in terms of making pies, but also in terms of our psychology as a team. That said, we are really like a small cult and so while they won’t physically be located in Missouri, they will never really escape us.

  2. And speaking of never escaping us, Madeline will rejoin us this summer as a full-time manager at PJP…and that is a first for us. We are super excited, especially as we work to transition to a larger space. My short term goals are to not hover and make her crazy, as hovering is my speciality.

  3. In anticipation of having more space in our storefront to sell different items, I booked Jeanne and I for the Atlanta Market this summer. We know quite a few local businesses who visit the Atlanta Market twice a year and honestly, it sounds like a mythical shopping extravaganza and that is all we really need to know. Also, if you are in-the-know, you apparently just call it “market”. Revised to update: Jeanne and I are going to market this summer.

  4. And of things more local, we will be at the Inside Columbia Best of Columbia Party on Thursday, May 9th. As we rarely take the PJP show on the road, participation does fall directly into our duties as winner of the Best Bakery category. If you want to drink, eat, and visit with all the winners, I believe tickets are still available.

  5. Finally, in news of interesting developments, PBS will film in our store on Thursday, May 16th for a new show being produced. My details are light at this point, but here is actual footage of me running to review my Spanx collection:

giphy (9).gif