7 Days Out: Thanksgiving

I’ve been sitting here for no less than 30 minutes trying to think if anything interesting or noteworthy has happened at PJP worth sharing with the greater Internet community. That’s early January for you, honestly. So here is all I have:

  1. Our first three business days in January have dispelled my fear that approximately five people would walk through our doors during the first week of my least favorite month, so thank you. Marking that off my list of things I’m currently worrying about feels like 100 pounds has been lifted off my back.

  2. I’m still working on being the best version of myself and I must say, IT IS EXHAUSTING. I’m actually worn out from trying to figure out how to make lists in my planner AND actually do the things on the list. Today I actually did something and then wrote it in my planner so I could mark it off. Isn’t there some sort of Entrepreneur of the Year award coming up? Can someone please nominate me based on this admission alone?

  3. I walked out the back door of PJP today to take the trash out and someone had parked so closely to our door that I actually walked into their car. WHILE THEY WERE SITTING IN IT. I started to feel awkward and embarrassed and then I thought that parking six inches from a door is even more awkward and embarrassing, so what do I care?. We just looked at each other and then she backed up a few feet and I took the trash out and she moved back to her original spot.

  4. For anyone looking for a new podcast, I’ve started listing to Without Fail. It reminds me of How I Built This and my favorite episode so far has been an interview of Ira Glass from NPR’s This American Life. He shares some thoughts about the creative process and entrepreneurship that I’m still unpacking in my mind. (Also, I bet Ira is really good at using a planner. I feel like Ira is good at everything he tries.)

  5. Also, I’ve been watching 7 Days Out on Netflix and seriously, just go watch it now. It is a docu-series that shows the seven days immediately preceding a famous world event, like the Kentucky Derby or the re-launch of the number one ranked restaurant in the world. It is a super fascinating look at what it takes to coordinate a large scale event successfully and I loved every episode (even the one about NASA and I basically know nothing about space). I made some notes in my planner (see bullet point #2) about how I could translate some of what I learned for the sake of PJP. Because let’s face it, 7 Days Out: Thanksgiving would make an AH-MAZING episode.