$5 Friday Primer

Planning on $5 Friday tomorrow? Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Um, What’s $5 Friday? It’s pretty simple, actually. Whenever the 5th falls naturally on a Friday, we sell all of our baby pies for $5 (plus tax, because the Department of Revenue is no fun that way).

  2. What’s the point? None. It’s just fun and because we can.

  3. Are big pies $5 too? GOODNESS, no…I said fun, not crazy.

  4. What about the pot pies and the quiche? I’m going to make a bold statement here and include them in the promotion because I like to live on the edge. Because we are humans and not machines, neither of those will be restocked during the day.

  5. If I don’t stop by tomorrow, can I have $5 Saturday? That’s a fun idea, but two days of $5 baby pies might break Team PJP. And they might kill me if I suggest it.

  6. Can we just have $5 Friday every Friday? Hey, if there is anything we love at PJP, it is a big dramatic event and since those never work on a regular schedule, we must stick to our calendar routine.

  7. So…what should I expect tomorrow? . Well, good question. Simply because we can’t get 100 people in our store at one time, there might be a bit of a wait. We will try to move you through quickly though, we promise. And as an added bonus, we make a fun show to watch as we work. We only ask that we all be nice to each other, not to participate in blood shed over finding your favorite flavor, and to not email me and tell me that I don’t know how to run a business because you really wanted Chocolate Banana and we didn’t have it. (Clearly, I still carry around some saltiness from last $5 Friday.) .

  8. I have a big list of flavors to buy for my family/office/school/self…how will that work? Toss the list, or at least plan for backup flavors. We can’t guarantee what will be in stock at any given time, but we will bake all day. Our advice? Come with the notion that trying new flavors for $5 is an adventure. You never know…maybe you super love gooseberries and tomorrow is the day you discover it.

  9. How many pies do you think you will make? The Team PJP goal is 1,250. If we bake that many, the participating members of Team PJP will receive a $25 gift card to the store of their choice. And trust me when I say nothing motivates like $25 to Ulta burning a hole in their pocket…so I think we will get to 1,250 easily. If we get to 2,000, then I’m paying out double rewards. Gulp. That’s a lot of pies, but I’m not discounting the work ethic of Team PJP, so…

  10. What time do you open? 10 am and we close at 6 pm. We are running a Facebook contest to allow one person in 10 minutes early and we will choose that person at 6 am tomorrow. Otherwise, you could bring 10 venti Cold Brew coffees from Starbucks and stare at us through the window. Perhaps then we could work out a deal.